About us


 Welcome to our shopping page.  We try to provide the highest quality merchandise available, while still keeping affordability in mind.  Our aim is not to make a lot of money but to help establish a strong presence within the shooting community.

 By purchasing and wearing our jackets, hats, shirts, etc. you are helping us achieve our goal of promoting the association.  You are a walking advertisement.  Your purchase benefits the FCSA by providing another avenue to recruit new members.  When someone walks up to you, after noticing your apparel displaying an FCSA Logo, and asks “What exactly is the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association?” that opens the door for conversation. 

 Are you excited to be a member and do you think your membership is worthwhile? If so then tell them about it and provide the information on how they too can become a member.

 In addition to yourself, remember our merchandise items also make great gifts for other .50 enthusiasts. Thanks for visiting our shopping page and if you chose to make a purchase thank you for that also. 

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