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Very High power magazine back issue order page.

Price $6.50/$8.50 for current FCSA members
          $10.50/12.50 for Non-Members

Note: If the original print run is exhausted for the issue you ordered you will receive a reprint. Reprints may differ slightly from the original printed magazine. For example, only the cover will be reprinted in color, any internal color pages will be reproduced in black and white.


First pick your FCSA membership status. If you are a current FCSA member be sure to enter your membership number so that the office can verify your membership (if ordering multiple magazines, FCSA members only need to enter their membership number once per order, but you need to pick your membership status for each magazine ordered in order for it to be priced correctly). Note; if you pick the incorrect membership status, your order may be canceled.

Next choose the year and issue number of the magazine you wish to purchase. For example, If you wish to purchase the 3rd issue from 2003 you would pick 2003 in the Year menu list and Issue #3 from the Issue number menu list. Then enter the quantity of that issue that you want and click add to cart. if you wish to purchase more than one issue just click "continue shopping" from your cart and add another issue.

Current year issues, when available, are picked from the year menu list individually. If you pick a current year issue from the year menu list, make sure you pick "Current year" in the issue number menu list.

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